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Are you tired of visiting adult sites claiming to offer “free” adult videos which require you to register and/or provide a credit card number and are really not free at all?


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For years my wife and I tried to find truly free adult videos on the internet – sites that wouldn’t ask for a credit card, or require us to register so they could send us unwanted email and spam. We also didn’t want to risk downloading anything we were unsure of and didn't want to take the unlikely chance of infecting our computer with a virus.  Less than once in a 100 tries would we find a truly free adult site that had hard core adult videos we could watch without registering, paying for, downloading and with absolutely no strings attached.


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Please note: We will have no record of your credit card or PayPal information whatsoever and we will not retain your email address or any of your personal information. You will be billed through PayPal which will show a payment to "Ebooks that Help." There will be nothing to indicate you have purchased anything related to adult videos and you will receive no further emails from us. 



You’ll receive a list of 50 of today’s best totally free, no strings attached, hottest adult video sites. Most of these sites are updated daily with exciting new hard core adult video content. Enjoy thousands and thousands of hours of adult videos of every kind for your personal pleasure, or to enjoy with that special someone.



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If the one-in-a-million happens and something goes wrong with the download delivery of your PDF list of 50 totally free adult video sites, simply email us from the "Contact Us" page here on this site and we’ll email you the list manually. It’s that easy. Note: All manually sent emails from us will come from "TandCRudnitski@yahoo.com to help ensure your privacy.


It’s a fact that most folks enjoy adult videos from time to time for relaxing entertainment or to enhance a pleasurable experience with that special someone. We hope this list will help you with those experiences and hope you think $4.95 is a fair price to pay.

By clicking on the Buy Now button and purchasing freeadultvideolinks.com's list of 50 free adult video sites I certify, under penalty of perjury, that I am at least 18 years of age and am a responsible adult seeking sexually-explicit material. 


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Tom & Cheryl R.


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